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Here's What's Going on in the Security Industry

Come and find Christian our Senior Account Manager at the RightCrowd booth (34079) for a demo of our innovative kiosk functionality! 😊
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📣 Arriva il primo evento online di SIA! 🌐 Il 4 giugno la Società Italiana di Andrologia organizzerà il Web Meeting “L’aria del cambiamento: l’uomo e i quattro elementi”, un evento online che sarà un’anticipazione del prossimo Congresso Nazionale SIA.

Tra i tanti argomenti anche infertilità, infiammazione prostatica, riabilitazione post-chirurgica e la Società Italiana di Andrologia ai tempi del COVID. ⬇️ Scarica il programma aggiornato del meeting al link che trovi in bio
Per partecipare utilizza le istruzioni riportate nel seguente link: https://aquilafilm-home-partecipanti.cheetah.builderall.com/

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cx. | Your ambition defines who you are (中文在下方)

Met a lot of old friends at ISC West, the biggest security exhibition in North America. I always highly respect people who devoted themselves to security industry. They're the fighters that make the world a safe place.

And there are so many memories and self-reflection bringing back to me. - - - - - -
I quit easily in my early 20s. I always thought I would have a better option because of youth and arrogance.

I worked hard, but still, I found myself excuses to run away from the problems rather than doing my best to solve them from time to time.

If there is anything I would ever want to change in my life, I wish I could have been an even persistent person to put all my energies on solving problems instead of complaining people around me or the company policy. - - - - - -
It's so easy to give up, while it takes many ”every day” for being succeed ”one day.” To make a difference, your desire must be greater than your fear of failure, or at least, try.

I learned that I have no excuses anymore when I became the founder of the company. The only way out is to find the solution whatever it takes- which is now SkyREC’s company culture. - - - - - -
Remember why you started it, and have you literally tried every single way to make it happen?
Your ambition doesn’t just define you and what you stand for; It makes who you are, and drives you to the next-gen YOU.

Now, what’s your ambition for the future?

cx. | 你的野心定義你

在北美最大安全展覽會 ISC West 遇見很多老朋友。我一直非常尊重致力於安全產業的前輩,他們的奮戰讓這個世界維持安全。同時,很多回憶和自我反省也湧上心頭。 - - - - - -
在20歲初頭的時候,我很容易放棄。因為年輕氣盛和自傲,我一直認為自己總會有更好的選擇。 我很努力工作,但有時候,還是會為自己找各種理由,而不是盡全力解決問題。
如果在人生中,有任何一件想改變的事,我希望更早之前,自己就能是一個堅持不懈的人,把全部精力都放在解決問題上,而不總是抱怨周圍的人或公司的政策。 - - - - - -
當成為公司創始人的那一刻,我知道自己再也沒有任何藉口了。唯一的出路,就是想盡辦法找到解決之道。 這也成為 SkyREC 的公司文化。 - - - - - -



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